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There are questions that challenge us every day: how can we plan designs for rooms or things that don’t yet exist? What’s the right way to transform a specific brand into a three-dimensional experience? Can we create a design that looks easy and natural regardless of how difficult it might be? And the most important thing: can we amaze the people our customers want to inspire? So far, we’ve almost always found the right answers.


Design is never an end in itself, but an ideal means of conveying ideas and communicating: the focus here is on brands, products and technical challenges. Our results include memorable productions and room designs of varying sizes but at the same time always incorporate functions that can achieve something new.


For us, design is not about the individual object or idea, but the dialogue that arises between all the components – a kind of visual storytelling, if you like. When you come across a HAUS F product, you’ll be able to feel the precision and choice of materials inherent in every detail. And this feeling has a lot to do with the good teamwork achieved by our employees from the fields of interior design, design, crafts and visual merchandising.


Only a single glass pane separates the design office from the production team. Rather appropriate really, given the attention-grabbing nature of our products further down the line. Until then, this open approach helps us to work faster. HAUS F employs numerous experts who share their knowledge. Not to mention generalists with a honed sense of precision who make sure that the entire choreography is kept on the straight and narrow.


For us, quality and punctuality are an absolute must. What distinguishes HAUS F’s service is the many, often invisible, roles we carry out behind the scenes. A very special and rare metal that’ll be the icing on the cake? We’ll find it. A test series that makes something physically difficult possible? That’s when it starts to get exciting! To us, good service is all about making something fit just that little bit better in the end.