Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen

Exhibit Design

 A striking feature of HAUS F is that standard solutions are never used in trade fair construction. Is that a unique selling point? No, we don’t have a unique selling point. It’s more that our customers and their unique products drive us on and inspire us to come up with individual solutions. If it’s obvious from the result how much we’ve enjoyed implementing it, that’s more than enough for us.

Isn’t it sometimes a strange feeling to create a hospitable space that is enthusiastically received and then simply dismantled once the trade fair is over? We certainly feel a bit wistful sometimes when we dismantle these things. That said, all the exhibition stands that we plan are designed to be sustainable. A stand is almost always set up several times and consists of several segments with differing lifetimes. This makes it possible to change a basic theme time and again on customer request.