Veuve Clicquot

Interior Design

For iconic brands such as VEUVE CLICQUOT, HAUS F must stick closely to the corporate design. Does that restrict your freedom or does it drive you onwards? It’s definitely an incentive. There are set limits – namely the guidelines of the Maison VEUVE CLIQUOT – within which creativity can unfold, but also the place where such an object is supposed to find a home. Together, these must convey a coherent overall impression. That’s the real challenge.

CI colours are often defined for printed materials or monitors. How does HAUS F manage to adopt such colour schemes to suit wood, leather, glass or plastic? Lots of experience comes into play here! But also the drive to achieve perfection. The practised eyes of our interior architects and designers complement each other with a large pool of materials. But it is not just about the selection, but also the purpose – it is often the case that many experiments need to be carried out and samples tested to find the optimum solution for the respective application.