Store Design – Retail

The DIAGEO store design is a HAUS F creation. Is the construction of durable furniture a different discipline to trade fair stand construction or just a continuation of it? Both the workmanship and the materials are of course of greater value and more sustainable when it comes to furniture construction. There are clear parallels in the design, it is merely the execution that differs. While planning in trade fair construction is aimed at mobility and disassembly, permanent installation is more concerned with ageing and durability at a high quality level.

What role does lighting play for HAUS F? As far as the DIAGEO shop is concerned, light is certainly the icing on the cake and showcases everything perfectly. The aim was a room full of cosy warmth – and all the materials used played a part in this. After all, this atmosphere of well-being is intended to create incentives to buy, and this is only possible if the lighting and the interior give off an impression of seamlessness.